The measurement of atmospheric composition involves the measurement of gasses, and aerosols. At present the most important gasses are the greenhouse gasses: CO2 Carbon Dioxide, CH4 Methane, N2O Nitrous Oxide, CFC Chlorofluorocarbons, the reactive gasses: CO Carbon Monoxide, SO2, Sulphur Dioxide and NOx, Nitrous Oxides, the radioactive gasses: Radon and Krypton 85.

Most of these gasses will be monitored in some sort of way in national networks to measure long-term trends. For manufacturers see Environnement and Thermal Environmental Instruments.

CO2 measurements for meteorological purposes are often done using the equipment manufactured by Licor.

For detection of radioactivity see AMES.

At present there is more and more interest in measurement of aerosols and dust as part of the general monitoring. SeeMet-One, ESM Anderson Instruments and Casella.