Companies specifically specialized in meteorological systems for boundary layer research are Kipp & Zonen (large range scintillometers) Scintec (scintillometers, sodar and RASS), Sci-Tec (microwave temperature profiler), Metek (sodar and RASS), Remtech (sodar and RASS), Degreane (sodar and RASS), Atmospheric Research (sodar and RASS), Radian (sodar and RASS) and AQ-System (sodar)

The new technology of using Infrared Doppler Radar for the measurement of wind profiles can be found at Coherent Technologies.

Wind Lidars can be purchased at Hovermere.

Most RASS and Sodar systems are also known under the general name of atmospheric profiling techniques.

See also balloon sounding, microwave and RADAR.